Episode 6: How to Deal With Red Herrings.

Episode 6: How to Deal With Red Herrings.

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In this episode of the Fight Death podcast, we're going to be exploring red herrings: what they are and how to respond to them. I'm continuing with a slightly longer episode format, and a little less scripted. Tell me your thoughts!

If you want to support the show, use this affiliate link (I get a small cut of the profit, but you don't pay extra!) to pick up a copy of An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments, which I mention toward the end of this episode. It's a great little guide to logical fallacies, and it makes a nifty teaching tool for kids. Plus, it's a nice coffee table book!

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Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod, edited for length

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3898-ice-flow

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